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The vast majority of both men and women experience some degree of hair loss as they age. The most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, commonly referred to as male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness. For many patients, having a full head of hair represents a sense of identity, self-confidence, and desirability. For those seeking effective, clinical remedies to their hair loss, John W. Tyrone, MD, PLLC, Plastic Surgery offers multiple procedures that harness the latest advances in hair transplantation, hair restoration, and hair replacement. Our board-certified plastic surgeon in Gainesville, FL, skin care specialists, and aesthetic experts offer platelet-rich plasma injections and NeoGraft® hair transplant surgery to help restore hair fullness and help patients feel more confident.

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NeoGraft® FUE Hair Transplants

Hair loss typically occurs when there is a disruption to the hair’s growth stages. Androgenic alopecia, or female or male pattern baldness, is caused by genetics, androgens, and age, while other sources of hair loss may include certain medical scalp conditions, nutritional deficiencies, medications, physical injuries, hormonal imbalances, and even certain hair-care products and practices. If you suffer from hair loss, no matter the cause, our plastic surgery clinic can help restore your sense of confidence. A revolutionary technology for the restoration of hair loss, NeoGraft® hair restoration is a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure with natural-looking results and a quick recovery time and without a visible linear scar. A NeoGraft® hair transplant allows the hair follicles to be extracted directly from the scalp in their naturally occurring groups before reimplanting the hairs within sparse areas on the scalp, resulting in fuller, natural-looking hair.

NeoGraft® hair transplantation uses an innovative technique called Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, in which individual hair follicles in groups are extracted from the scalp at the donor site, usually located at the lower-back portion of the head above the nape of the neck. Newly implanted follicles work with the natural cycle of hair growth, with the hair transplant results continuing to improve each week. Full realization of the results typically appear 9—12 months after the procedure. NeoGraft® can be performed on patients of all hair types. Are you a candidate for NeoGraft? Contact us today to find out!


Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, injections use a patient’s own blood cells to accelerate the body’s natural healing process in a specific area of the body. Platelet rich plasma injections are a safe, noninvasive treatment option for patients seeking to restore fullness of hair to their scalp and hairline. Growth factors in this treatment can help stimulate hair-follicle activity, increasing hair count, hair thickness, and the hair cycle’s growth phase. Platelets are 1 of 4 primary components of blood, in addition to red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma. Platelets promote cell growth and regeneration and platelet-rich plasma can be about five times more concentrated in PRP than in regular blood.

In platelet rich plasma for hair loss, the platelets are injected deep into the scalp reaching the bottom of the hair follicle. This stimulates a specialized population of cells (dermal papilla cells), which are vital to hair growth. PRP therapy for hair comprises a careful process in which blood is drawn from the patient’s arm, the blood is separated into plasma and red blood cells, and the plasma, rich in platelets, is then injected directly into the scalp at the level of the hair follicles. The treatment usually involves multiple sessions scheduled approximately 1 month apart, followed by maintenance injections every 3—6 months in order to support and maintain the results.

Platelet Rich Plasma
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Capillus Smart Caps AnteAGE Exosomes & AnteAGE Home Hair System

Revitalize your mane, protect your follicles, and sustain natural, healthy hair growth with state-of-the-art advances in hair restoration science. Capillus offers laser caps as a science-backed solution to hair loss. Using 650-nanometer red light to penetrate the scalp and promote hair growth, smart caps can supercharge your hair in as little as 6 minutes daily, allowing you to achieve clinically proven results!

AnteAGE MD® hair microneedling solution uses the latest innovations in hair follicle science and specialized techniques that influence bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell cultures to produce a solution focused on hair growth. The solution contains 12 bio-identical growth factors and cytokines, which feature proven efficacy in hair follicle stimulation for the most scientifically advanced product in hair restoration. This in-office treatment targets a WNT-1a pathway to increase the appearance of hair thickness and stimulate follicles for new growth.

The AnteAGE MD home hair system offers breakthrough, natural, and healthy hair growth without the need for surgery or side effects. Administered in the comfort of your home using a handheld dermal needling device, this kit uses WNT1 stem cytokines, poly botanicals, and a cocktail of natural stimulants to awaken sleeping stem cells within the hair follicle and restore their youthful and active growth pattern. Patients can use the hair serum up to 5 days per week to optimize the outcome of their in-office treatments.

Capillus Smart Caps
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