Teeth Whitening

Admit it….whiter teeth look great! We all want to look our best and a brighter, whiter smile can do so much to enhance your appearance than nearly anything else. With LED whitening, the most advanced teeth whitening system available today, you can have the beautiful smile you want in just 1 hour!

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LED Teeth Whitening Is Extremely Safe.

It does not heat the tooth thus no harm is done to the tooth vitality. The LED whitening system has been specifically developed and tested to ensure that no harm is done to either enamel or dentine and that the pH level is neutral and will not produce any acidic effect associated with some other whitening products.

LED Whitening Is Suitable For Everyone.

While results can vary, and LED teeth whitening generally works on natural tooth enamel, LED whitening procedure are generally not designed for caps, veneer or bonds. During the consultation, we will determine whether or not there is any condition that might prevent the treatment from working as it should. In such an event we will recommend to carry out the corrective procedure before beginning the teeth whitening treatment.

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