Breast Implant Removal In Gainesville, FL

Breast implant removal is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that removes the implants from breast augmentation or reconstructive breast procedures. Sometimes patients desire to have their implants removed due to lifestyle changes, or a desire to have smaller breasts with age. Alternatively, patients with breast implant complications, including ruptured implants or capsular contracture, or those with other conditions like breast cancer, require implant removal surgery due to health-related issues. During implant removal surgery, Dr. Tyrone may also remove any materials that have leaked from the implants and the breast capsule — the scar tissue that forms following the placement of a breast implant.

The breast capsule typically requires removal when it becomes hardened and causes pain and/or discomfort to the patient. Sometimes, in very old implants, the implants’ outer shell breaks down, which can allow the silicone to leak and the scar tissue to harden around the implant. In this case, the implant requires removal. Breast implant removal is a personal decision. John W. Tyrone, MD, is board-certified and is one of the most highly trained physicians in the Southeast. Dr. Tyrone has years of expertise in providing cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to enhance your quality of life by improving your self-esteem and helping you reclaim your vitality.  Contact John W. Tyrone, MD, PLLC, Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation for breast implant removal in Gainesville!

Breast Implant Removal In Gainesville, FL

Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Breast implant removal surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure at Dr. Tyrone’s fully accredited plastic surgery office in Gainesville, FL. He performs breast implant removal in Gainesville to patients from Alachua County and throughout North Central Florida and Southern Georgia. Dr. Tyrone understands that the decision to remove your breast implants is an important one, and he knows the importance of educating you before, during, and after the procedure.

Depending on your desired results and the condition of your health, implant explantation may also be combined with a mastopexy, or breast implant removal and lift, to improve the breast shape after implant removal. If you are interested in undergoing implant removal surgery out of concern for what is commonly known as “breast implant illness”, please note, however, that this condition is not officially recognized by the FDA. There are no studies supporting the claim that breast implants cause illness. The symptoms associated with breast implant illness — such as fatigue and joint pain — may be attributed to post-surgical conditions such as changes in weight. In any case, rest assured knowing Dr. Tyrone is committed to your health and recovery. Review our breast implant removal photos to see real patients’ results!

Reasons For Breast Implant Removal

A patient’s decision to have their breast implants removed for their comfort, to address health complications caused by their implants, or a myriad of other personal reasons. Below are some of the most common reasons why a patient may choose to pursue breast implant removal. Consult with our plastic surgeon in Gainesville if you believe breast implant removal is right for you!

  • Medical Concerns – When medical concerns around breast implants arise, a patient may decide to seek out implant removal. One common medical concern among breast augmentation patients is capsular contracture, which occurs when the tissue around the implant becomes too tight, potentially causing pain or unevenness between the breasts.
  • Preference – Style and fashion trends are always changing, so some patients may desire to return to their original breast size and shape. Furthermore, as patients age and their bodies and lifestyles change, natural breast tissue may develop that changes the shape of the implant. When this happens, some patients may find the change too dramatic and prefer to have the implant removed.

Breast Implant Revision

If you’re dissatisfied with changes to your implants’ size, shape, or contour over time, you may opt for breast implant revision rather than removal. Breast revision is a kind of reconstructive plastic surgery procedure in which old breast plants are replaced with new ones. Breast implant revision can help restore satisfactory breast appearance and contour while also addressing any health concerns presented by the patient. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a consultation for plastic surgery in Gainesville!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Tyrone will discuss the entire process of your breast implant removal during your initial consultation as each surgery will be different. For the majority of patients, the procedure will include removing the implants, remove any excess breast tissue and tighten the remaining tissue. Dr. Tyrone will also re-size the patient’s areolas to fit the shape of your new breasts.

Choosing to have breast implants removed is a personal decision that may be driven by aesthetic desires, implant complications and/or health concerns. Patients with implants that have ruptured, deflated or are not of the desired size or in the desired position may choose implant removal. Patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight, gained weight, or have been pregnant may experience changes to their implants and choose to remove or revise them. Also, patients experiencing infection, capsular contracture, leaks or illness may choose to remove their breast implants.

As with other procedures, breast implant removal surgery is a highly individualized procedure and should be performed if the patient experiences hardening of the breast, capsular contracture, pain due to the implants, leaking implants, and/or if the patient would like to alter their implants or remove them completely. Patients experiencing health concerns, such as breast cancer, may need to remove or revise their breast implants.

Dr. Tyrone can remove every type of breast implant during breast implant removal surgery. Utilizing a state-of-the-art technique, Dr. Tyrone performs the implant removal using conscious sedation and numbing blocks to ensure any pain is minimal. Contact our Gainesville plastic surgery office today to learn more!

Provided you are a good candidate for breast implant removal, the procedure will reverse the results of breast augmentation. On average, the breast implant removal procedure requires one to three weeks to heal properly without additional procedures. Additional surgical procedures may extend the period of recovery and rest required of the patient. If you and Dr. Tyrone have decided to proceed with a breast lift or implant replacement, breasts will still appear full following the implant removal procedure.

Patients will undergo breast implant removal surgery in a state-of-the-art operating facility located in Gainesville, FL, certified at the highest level by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. Dr. Tyrone and his staff are dedicated to the comfort and overall satisfaction of all patients. A welcoming reception area, private exam rooms, and attentive care from our team throughout your appointment make your entire surgical experience welcoming.

The risks associated with breast implant removal surgery include the following: bleeding; infection; improper healing; edema; numbness of breast tissue; scarring; deep vein thrombosis; asymmetry; and pain. While the majority of women do not experience these complications, Dr. Tyrone will discuss each with you to make sure you understand the risks and consequences of breast implant removal surgery.

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