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The nose is the centerpiece of the face and even subtle alterations to the nasal bones and cartilage can dramatically improve one’s appearance. Prominent humps can be removed, delicate tip cartilages can be refined and the nostrils can be narrowed. Just like all plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty must be customized to the patient’s needs and desires. Depending on the patients desire, nasal re-shaping with a rhinoplasty can provide subtle improvements in nasal appearance, or dramatic results.

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Rhinoplasty Case Study

This is a 23 year old female who underwent Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Tyrone to improve the appearance of her nose. Dr. Tyrone addressed her dorsal hump and broad nasal tip to improve the overall look of the patient’s nose.

Individual results may vary.

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Nose Surgery

During your consultation, Dr. Tyrone will discuss your concerns about your nasal appearance and devise a nasal reshaping surgical plan that is right for you. Our office has computer-aided imaging to allow you to visualize what kind of results can be obtained. Part of your consultation will involve digital manipulation of an image of your profile, using your input to determine which nasal features will be addressed and to what degree any correction will be made. One of the most important parts of performing a rhinoplasty is the preoperative planning. Every nose is different and every patient has different expectations. Therefore, it is critical that both the patient and surgeon have a clear understanding of the desired goals. Dr. Tyrone feels that a thorough discussion of your specific nasal anatomy and digital imaging is critical during your consultation.

The rhinoplasty procedure is typically performed as outpatient surgery, and can be done for both cosmetic and functional ( breathing) issues. Dr. Tyrone typically uses an “open rhinoplasty” technique to best visualize the underlying nasal framework, however, under certain circumstances, Dr. Tyrone may elect to perform a “closed rhinoplasty”. Dr. Tyrone believes that the open rhinoplasty technique allows for the most precise correction nasal structure. After sculpting the nasal bones and cartilage, and refining the nasal features, the patient will have a nasal splint applied for 5 days. Some patinents may have mild bruising and swelling after nasal surgery, however this tends to resolve quickly. Patients typically resume normal activities within one week.

Nose reshaping surgery by means of a rhinoplasty is one of the most satisfying procedures Dr. Tyrone performs. The changes in nasal appearance that are possible can dramatically alter a patients self confidence, and improve overall facial balance.

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