Being & Staying Well During National Wellness Month With IV Therapy

The month of August is arguably taxing with the end of summer (although, we don’t remember getting a break to begin with) and back-to-school chaos infiltrating all aspects of life. Stress levels can be high. Consequently, you might have started to fall behind on taking care of yourself — physically and mentally.

Enter (ironically, maybe): National Wellness Month.

While the concept might seem trivial, acknowledging and observing a month dedicated to physical and mental self care is far from it — especially today. As National Wellness Month, August serves as a time to be reminded to take care of ourselves and to engage in healthy habits.

At Dr. Tyrone’s Aesthetic Center, healthy habits are not only our priority, but our specialty. Fittingly enough, we created our Wellness Program in order to promote these habits and keep our patients feeling — ergo, looking — their best. With multiple options for IV therapyweight loss, lipo-mino injections and more, we have solutions for everyone and every concern.

Woman receiving IV therapy

What Is IV Therapy?

Newly incorporated into our aesthetics practice, IV therapy is a therapeutic method in which the patient receives an IV abundant with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These supplements are able to bypass the digestive system, which would typically reduce the amount of nutrients entering the bloodstream, ensuring total bodily absorption of these essentials. At Dr. Tyrone’s Aesthetic Center, we currently offer three different IV treatments each with their own purpose and benefits. And did we mention that an IV session only takes up one hour of your week?

How IV Therapy Can Benefit Our Patients

Arguably the most desirable these days, our Immunity IV Kit supports the immune system, helps fight infection and aids in recovery by improving healing time after illness onset. This treatment is the immunity boost we all need in order to ensure our body is doing all it can to fight off those microscopic invaders and includes a secret — yet very key — ingredient: zinc. Our Inner Beauty IV Kit is a must-have when it comes to supporting skin health and promoting hair, skin and nail strength. Dermatitis, wrinkles and skin dehydration can all be addressed through the nutrients available in this IV. Another one of our vital IVs is the Performance and Recovery Kit, the perfect supplement for any athlete looking to support muscle growth and fat metabolism. But this IV kit isn’t just for workout fanatics — it’s also a great post-treatment option for our surgical and CoolSculpting® patients.

At their most basic, our IVs are meant to be a unique, extremely effective method for full-body hydration. Each IV kit contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that aids in the absorption of nutrients your body needs to properly function. This wonder vitamin is also what we consider a necessary “building block” for collagen production, a protein that supports skin elasticity and joint health. If you’re getting our Inner Beauty IV, the additional vitamin C will also work hard to aid in the absorption of biotin, another vitamin that boosts the radiance and strength of your hair, skin and nails.

For our surgical patients, we know post-op recovery can be tough. Our Performance and Recovery IV is especially formulated to decrease recovery time, replenish essential nutrients and reduce inflammation through the inclusion of an amino acid blend. (And the same advantages go for our CoolSculpting patients, too!).

Be Well, Gainesville!

Each and every one of us deserves to have the utmost physical and mental health; this is a fact we at Dr. Tyrone’s Aesthetic Center know very well. As previously stated, your health is not only our priority, but our specialty. To those who’ve been falling behind on taking care of themselves, let this post be a reminder to you that there is someone out there who cares — and is ready to help you on your journey to becoming your best, healthiest self!

To learn more about our IV therapy options and how they can benefit you and your health, chat with our wellness specialist today at (352) 332-1150.

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