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Aging of the face is inevitable. Over time, the supporting structures of the face loosen resulting in the redistribution of not only the skin of the face and neck but also of the deeper structures of the face. Some of the signs and stigmata of facial aging are the development of jowls, flattening of the cheek prominences, deepening of the nasolabial folds, loss of jawline definition and the accumulation of excess skin and fat in the neck. People age differently and for this reason, any operation which attempts to restore a more youthful facial appearance must be customized to each patient.

Neck Lift Surgery

A face lift or rhtyidectomy rejuvenates the face and neck by lifting wrinkled and sagging skin, sculpting drooping fat deposits and tightening deeper tissues (“SMAS”) which are loose. A neck lift focuses on three primary areas: the jowls, the jawline and central neck. Incisions are placed in natural creases to conceal scars. In Dr. Tyrone ’s hands, no two neck lift surgeries are the same. Each operation is customized to the needs and desires of the patient. For example, some patients may require a small incision under the chin to reapproximate the muscle cords in the neck. Other patients may simply require recontouring the fat in the neck without manipulating the superficial muscles in the neck (i.e. platysmaplasty). For patients whose main concern is there neck, a neck lift can be performed as an isolated procedure. Through a small incision under the chin, the soft tissues of the neck can be recontoured and the muscles reapproximated in the midline. During a neck lift, small incisions are made around the ear lobe and behind the ear to allow for redraping of the neck skin. This operation is well suited and quite popular for male patients seeking facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Tyrone offers a full range of face and neck lifts with attention made to restoring both the facial skin and the deeper soft tissues of the face to achieve a long lasting result. A neck lift may be done in conjunction with other procedures to help you achieve a balanced, rejuvenated appearance and maximize the results of your surgery.

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Neck Lift Frequently Asked Questions

The neck profile can lose its firmness over time because of age, heredity, or a combination of reasons. A neck lift can help patients restore these youthful contours and eliminate the marked difference between the face and neck. Dr. Tyrone, a board-certified plastic surgeon, creates an individual treatment plan for every patient — contact our office today to schedule a neck lift consultation. Here are frequently asked questions about the procedure.

Aging, stress, and weight fluctuations are three factors that affect the appearance of the neck area. Common issues people wish to correct with a neck lift in Gainesville include:
  • A double or triple chin caused by excess fat underneath the chin;
  • Excess neck fat or skin;
  • Jowls caused by excess fat or skin around the jaw area;
  • Sun and/or wind-damaged skin; and
  • Turkey wattle neck caused by loose neck skin.
While the advantages and benefits of a neck lift vary among patients, many enjoy natural-looking results, which compliment an overall more youthful appearance. The procedure has a relatively short recovery period with long-lasting results. And a neck lift can be easily combined with other procedures, such as brow lift or facelift plastic surgery, so patients can address multiple areas in one operation. Many patients also experience increased self-confidence after a neck lift, thanks to a more defined jawline and slimmer neck profile.
Each patient has different preparation instructions before a neck lift. Dr. Tyrone and his staff will explain these instructions during the consultation, which may include:
  • Eliminating certain vitamins and herbal supplements;
  • Avoiding foods with high salt contents; and
  • Eliminating all tobacco use.
The neck lift procedure may also incorporate platysmaplasty, which references the platysma, or neck muscles, located on each side of the neck. When these muscles weaken and separate, vertical lines appear on a person's neck. Corset platysmaplasty is a surgical technique frequently used to correct the vertical lines.
Recovery for most patients generally takes two weeks to four weeks, with many patients returning to work and everyday activities in two weeks. You’ll be able to see the results of the procedure as bruising and swelling subside, while full results become visible within three months to six months after the procedure. While some bruising and swelling around the surgical site is normal, patients should keep their head elevated when lying down and avoid strenuous activity to avoid discomfort during recovery.
Ideal candidates are usually between 40 and 80 years of age and are in good physical health. It’s important that neck lift candidates have sufficient skin elasticity to withstand the stretching necessary throughout the procedure. During a consultation, Dr. Tyrone discusses your medical history, the procedure, and whether a neck lift will help you achieve your desires and goals. To find out if you’re a candidate for a neck lift as well as other types of plastic surgery in Gainesville, FL, contact us!

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