Otoplasty / Ear Corrective Surgery

Surgery for prominent ears, known as an Otoplasty, is done to set prominent ears back closer to the head or to reduce the size of large ears. Otoplasty is a common surgical procedure performed by Dr. Tyrone . Ear corrective surgery can provide dramatic results and for most patients, the recovery is minimal. We have treated patients ranging from young children to adults over 65 years old. After surgery, many patients often wonder why they waited so long.

Otoplasty In Gainesville, FL

The size and shape of a person’s ears often affect their self-confidence. Children may experience teasing from their peers while adults often use hats or long hairstyles to hide their ears from plain view. Otoplasty in Gainesville, FL, is a common ear surgery performed to help children and adults achieve more naturally proportioned ears. John W. Tyrone M.D. Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery has helped many patients enjoy improved self-confidence with otoplasty. Call our office today to schedule a consultation!

Ear Pinning Procedure

Otoplasty is used to reduce and reshape overly large ears or to alter the appearance of an injured ear. During your consultation with Dr. Tyrone, he will discuss whether cosmetic ear surgery or reconstructive surgery will best help you achieve your desired look.

Candidates for ear surgery in Gainesville generally are:

  • At least 5 years of age or older;
  • Have stable ear cartilage;
  • Nonsmokers;
  • Overall healthy and don’t have an illness or medical issue that can impact post-surgery healing; and
  • Have reasonable expectations for what ear surgery can accomplish.

Ear Reduction Surgery

Gainesville ear pinning is generally considered ear reduction surgery. Dr. Tyrone makes an incision in the cartilage behind the ear and reshapes the cartilage. Excess skin is removed before the ear is re-positioned closer to the side of the head.

Patients with larger ears may wish to have their ears reshaped and reduced to a more natural size. During ear reshaping surgery, unwanted cartilage, usually in the upper ear, and skin are removed and Dr. Tyrone reshapes the ear to a more natural shape and size.  

Reconstructive Ear Surgery

A patient may need reconstructive ear surgery for a number of reasons, including a birth defect or injury that resulted in disfiguration of the ear. Dr. Tyrone is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and combines several state-of-the-art surgical techniques to restore a more natural looking ear.

Benefits of Otoplasty

There are many benefits to otoplasty for children and adults. Patients have reported increased self-esteem and self-confidence by having more proportionally sized ears. Others appreciate the minimal recovery time, usually less than two weeks before they return to regular activities. When your ear surgery in Gainesville is performed by Dr. Tyrone, you can also count on minimal scarring once the ears have healed.

Otoplasty Recovery Time

Generally, patients can resume normal activities within seven days to 10 days, though rigorous activities should be avoided until the ears have completely healed. Dr. Tyrone and his staff will provide you with a recovery plan before leaving. This plan will outline what to expect during recovery, what medications to take to alleviate discomfort, and how to care for your ears. Dr. Tyrone and his staff are always available to answer any questions or concerns you might have before and after the procedure.

It’s important to keep the bandages on your ears after surgery, even if you begin to feel an itching sensation, which is normal. The bandages help your ears conform to their new shape and size. Full recovery from Gainesville ear pinning is usually complete within six weeks.

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