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As the skin ages, it loses youthful elasticity and collagen, which causes fatty tissue in the midface to migrate downward towards the mouth and nose. This relocation of tissue creates the appearance of volume loss between the highest point of the cheekbone and the resulting heavier smile (nasolabial) fold. Loss of volume in the cheeks can also cause cheeks to appear flat or sunken, preventing skin from draping over the cheekbones properly. But making small mid-face adjustments with Gainesville plastic surgery procedures, such as cheek implant surgery and cheek injections, can significantly restore a more youthful, rejuvenated look to the entire face by providing definition and structure.

Benefits Of Cheek Enhancement

Popular among both men and women, cheek enhancement procedures can improve contours of the cheek bones, restore youthful midface volume and enhance the effects of other cosmetic facial procedures. Dr. Tyrone, a plastic surgeon in Gainesville, FL, performs expert cheek enhancement using the following procedures.

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants augment bone structure in the cheeks by enhancing the foundation of the midface region. Malar implants rebuild volume lost due to aging. The loss of fat along the facial midline, under the eyes, and alongside the nose, are distinguishing characteristics that contribute an older appearance. Boosting the volume in the cheek area creates a more youthful appearance. Malar implants are placed on the cheekbone and held in place with small screws. These prevent the implant from shifting, while also allowing the implant to look and feel like a natural part of the bone. These implants can last forever, so it’s important that cheek augmentation expert performs the surgery.

Cheek Injections

Cheek injections plumb up the face yet are different from implants in the sense they are a temporary procedure. Dr. Tyrone uses an injectable filler, typically a combination of products, such as hyaluronic acid based gels and a longer lasting collagen boosting product, to increase volume in targeted areas of the face. The results from these injections usually last between six months and a year. Face rejuvenation injections are a great option for any patients who are seeking subtle, temporary improvements to their midface volume and facial definition.

Cheek Implant Procedure Details

During cheek implant surgery, Dr. Tyrone makes incisions in the dermal cheek region and inserts the malar implant. Incisions can be made above the gums or through the lower eyelid. Once the implant is in place, he adjusts the implant placement and makes any necessary modifications to ensure it's balanced with the other facial features. He then sutures the implant into place and closes the incisions. Sutures inside the mouth dissolve after one week to two weeks, while external sutures have to be removed by Dr. Tyrone. Cheek augmentation is typically an outpatient procedure that can be performed at the surgeon’s facility or in a hospital. The entire procedure often takes 20 minutes to an hour and a half to perform.

Cheek Implant Candidates

The most common candidates for cheek augmentation are adults who are bothered with the feeling that they have sunken or flat cheekbones, a lack of definition in the midface region, an accumulation of skin and tissue around the nose and chin, or a loss of fullness in the cheek region. Meanwhile, individuals who plan to get cheek surgery should have the following qualites: be in general good health; not suffer from cardiac problems or hypertension; avoid smoking; and have reasonable expectations about the outcome of the surgery.

Recovery After Cheek Surgery

In the week following cheek implant surgery, patients should minimize regular daily activities to promote proper healing. A little soreness and swelling is normal. Patients may also notice a temporary feeling of tightness in the cheeks due to added volume of the implant. If the implant was inserted through the mouth, patients should consume a bland, soft diet for a few days. If the implant incision is made through the eyelid, patients will receive specific instructions to help minimize dryness and facilitate healing. Many patients return to work and everyday activities within seven days to 10 days after the procedure. For more information about recovery following cheek surgery, contact us!

Cheek Augmentation In Gainesville, FL

If you are interested in getting cheek implants in Gainesville, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tyrone. He will assess your case, make recommendations and determine whether you could combine cheek surgery with other cosmetic and surgical procedures to further enhance your appearance. A youthful and refreshed appearance isn’t out of reach. Schedule a cheek augmentation consultation today!

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